Big Town and its surrounding areas

One thing people may not know is just how many little podunk places exist around the Tallahassee area. We seem pretty civilized until you head west about an hour into little places like Grand Ridge, Sneads, Chattahoochee, and Two Egg, which has a lot of history but not much else. We went there this weekend to check it out and had a better time discovering little boat ramp/parks along the Chattahoochee river.



5 thoughts on “Big Town and its surrounding areas

  1. WElcome to the CDP community of crazy bloggers! I look forward to seeing more from your city.

    PS Maybe I’m just not up on WordPress, but I had a hard time finding where to comment.

  2. Lets explore. Most areas are identical to your description leading up to the Little Egg photo. Our area is dribbled with villages here and there. Most were bypassed by new or large highway systems so it is fun to explore your own neighborhood.

    Nice post. I enjoyed the layout in WordPress that you used.

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