Atomic Coffee review

Recently, the long uninhabited former Jenny’s that had taken up residence next to Pitaria on Tennessee street became an Atomic Coffee. After researching the internet, I stIll can’t determine if they’re a franchise but even though other cities have Atomic Coffees, they don’t look like the one we now have that proclaims, “Finally… a world-class coffee shop in Tallahassee! ”

I intended to walk down the block and get a coffee one of these afternoons but timing never worked out. But about two weeks ago, LivingSocial offered a deal: five bucks for 10 dollars worth of food and drink. I snapped that up and finally went last Friday. I left my office in Williams at about 12:10. I would say the walk itself took roughly 8-10 minutes and I found the place to have about a four person line when I got in, which I expected because a.) it was lunchtime and b.) some of my students told me it was usually busy. The atmosphere is typical coffee shop: dark colors with ample tables, wi-fi, and some good outdoor seating, though I wouldn’t want to try and carry on a conversation along Tennessee street!

It took maybe ten minutes before it was my time to order and I chose a 16 ounce vanilla non-fat latte and The Aristotle, which was egg, spinach, feta, and tomato on ciabatta. They apparently serve all their food until 4 PM and this includes all manner of breakfast foods and lunch sandwiches made with Boar’s head meats.

My coffee was crafted in the same style as Red Eye coffee, which I frequent. In some ways, I really like the places that only have one espresso machine. Starbucks churns out perfectly fine coffee but sometimes it does taste a little burnt. At these other sorts of places, you can tell the coffee is fresher. My drink was ready in less than five minutes. Now my food, on the other hand, took a little while longer. I cannot remember exactly how long it took but I walked back into my office at 1:10, one hour after I left.

Back in my office, I enjoyed my food and drink, which was WELL WORTH the wait.

The coffee was awesome, as I expected, but the sandwich was likewise fresh and tasty. The eggs were fried but not incinerated. The feta and spinach were fresh and they didn’t skimp. I enjoyed it on ciabatta; it was crispy and meshed well with the other flavors. Even though I had to wait a while, the food was pretty awesome and I will  most likely go back to try other food combination.


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