Burger Fi has full bars!



Though my allegiance for  good burgers lies with Vertigo, I decided to try the newest place to open in the Whole Foods shopping center, BurgerFi.

They tout local and all natural ingredients, hand-cut fries, and a variety of custard desserts. I ordered the Burger Fi cheeseburger, which had two patties, two pieces of cheese, lettuce, tomato, and their sauce, which I am pretty sure is just ketchup, mustard, and mayo – i.e. McDonald’s special sauce. The cashier informed me I could add two extra toppings at no charge so I threw on pickles because, well, they don’t have avocado on the menu; disappointment!

I was pleased with the burger: it was cooked well and flavored nicely. I’d say it’s a step up from Five Guys and on par with the basic Vertigo burger with the same items. Only, Vertigo cooks their medium. The fries are nearly identical to Vertigo, but they offer a lot more toppings, that I decided to forego on account of I don’t want to weigh a ton.

As I parted ways with my lunching buddy, I got the chocolate mocha custard shake, which was ah-mazing, but pretty much put my belly over the top.

I’d go back to BurgerFi if I’m ever craving a good, solid basic burger.


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