23 minutes later

And the same shot from yesterday, just a bit later:




8:30 PM

Since it has been so dreary, it’s been rare to catch a wonderful night sky. This happened the other night and I just had to snap a shot. Come back tomorrow to see how it changed in a mere 23 minutes!



Downtown Atomic

I’ve reviewed Atomic coffee here before but the other day was the first time trying their downtown location. It was empty and I appreciated that because the campus location is always packed. I hope it catches on; a lot of people work around there but they just have to go once to realize what great coffee it is!


2013-07-15 07

A vision of quiet

When I drop Elliot off at his school for camp, I always take note of the empty playground. This is a place that personifies noise and chaos but during the summer and before campers go out there, it is serene.

2013-07-15 07.39.58

Wettest summer EVER

I know I have mentioned the rain a lot but seriously, it has been raining for at least 4 weeks. I think we may have had one or two days where it didn’t but for the most part, it has rained and rained. Nothing will dry out; my deck is slippery because the wood never gets a chance to bask in the sun long enough. This image is a pretty accurate representation of our summer:

2013-07-12 07.47.51