Local eatery serves up tasty options

On Saturday, after tooling around Northern Florida, my friend and I headed back into town very hungry. The place we’d planned to go out between Sneads and Marianna had turned into a Mexican restaurant, food neither of us felt like eating. On our drive back, I remembered that a new little cafe had popped up,  inhabiting one of the cabins alongside Lake Ella in midtown. As it turns out, Mickey’s Lakeside Cafe, has been open a little over a year now. It was two in the afternoon and since they hold hours of 11:30-3, we were good to go. There were two other occupied tables as we walked in but soon after ordering, we were the only people left. They have a decent sized menu: sandwiches, two quiches, and soups and salads. After hearing about it from our waiter, I went with the pulled pork because it’s apparently made local by a  guy named Karl Suber. David ordered the rueben and we both got cole slaw.

When my food arrived, I was impressed, even as it came in a plastic basket with a wax paper lining. The pulled pork was served on two slider buns but had wonderfully large portions. The cole slaw, too, was a big portion, larger than you’d get at, say, Sonny’s, which is one of my favorite mayo-based slaws. The pork was tender and tasty, as was the sauce they provided. David was impressed with his rueben, as the bread was toasted to perfection so that all the innards didn’t drip everywhere or make the bread soggy.

All in all, we were very impressed with Mickey’s and would definitely return. I am glad they are now offering nighttime hours on Thursdays and Fridays.