Momma Goldberg’s works its way to Tallahassee

Last week, I sojourned across campus to meet up with my friend, Matt, who works as an advisor in another building. Instead of driving anywhere, we hopped across Tennessee street to “the strip” where Momma Goldberg’s deli has recently taken up residence. Actually, it’s one of the few places still running there after most of the pubs/bars got shut down due to e.coli and Legionnaire’s disease. EW. BUT ANYWAY, don’t let that deter you from trying this new eatery out of Auburn, Alabama.

Entering the place, we noticed they had a pretty extensive sandwich menu… and bagels. Weird, right? Especially since it doesn’t appear that they serve breakfast. I had chosen the beef and cheese but it turns out they were plum run out of roast beef. Grr. So I went with the chicken salad melt on wheat and a drink and chips. I think I ended up spending about $8.50.

My sandwich was nice and hot with melty cheese and a nicely mixed chicken salad. It wasn’t too chunky and had the right amount of mayo. Maybe a few too many onions for my taste but it was awfully good. The coolest part about this place is the ceiling made of doors:

Pretty neat. I’d say this is a pretty nice addition to campus-area eating. I’ll definitely go back and hit up their roast beef.