Let’s get back in the saddle

It’s very easy to veer away from your blogging when you have three kids and three jobs (ok, some are online) but the point is, I got very busy. But I got some hits here recently and I will try to update more frequently.

Let’s start by visiting a photo I took the other morning in my parking lot. I have a thing for sky shots and especially ones with interesting contrails.



Funky weather

The weekend was very odd, weather-wise. It would rain, then be sunny, then get so hot and humid, then rain some more. So weird. Here’s a photo of the blue sky trying desperately to peek through.

By the grace of God

I have been really bad about daily posting; my life has been a whirlwind of activity lately – out of left field – so I have slacked off. So here’s a calming photo of the sun rising over the church that runs my kids’ daycare. Linking up for Skywatch Friday.